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Fall 2022

50.1, Fall 2022

“Infinite Potential”

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Summer 2022

49.4, Summer 2022

"various names for sky"

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Spring 2022

49.3, Spring 2022

all a dream, just neural popweed


Winter 2022

49.2, Winter 2022

a lull, a numbness, a lumen

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Fall 2021

49.1, Fall 2021

There is Spirit Stirring

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Summer 2021

48.4, Summer 2021

A Tenuous Mess

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Spring 2021

48.3, Spring 2021

More Metal than Skin

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Winter 2021

48.2, Winter 2021

Is it save to look?

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Fall 2020

48.1, Fall 2020

Asleep on the soft soil of the forest / the tide just kept shrugging


Summer 2020

47.4, Summer 2020

Toward a Vector of Queerness

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Spring 2020

47.3, Spring 2020

Reflections in the Water


Winter 2020

47.2, Winter 2020

of auburn and blue


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