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“Infinite Potential”

Grain Volume

David Barrick, Frances Boyle, Rocco de Giacomo, Leanne Dunic, Yasmina Jaksic, Danielle Hubbard, Kurt Kirchmeier, Michael J. Leeb, Sandra Maxson, Kaye Miller, Brian Palmu, Steve Passey, Carolyn Smart, Leanne Toshiko Simpson, Glen Sorestad, Russel Thorson, Tom Wayman. Fiction: Hannah Eiserman, Jamie Forsythe, Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Eric Wang. Non-Fiction: Eve Krakow.

Short Grain Winners, Fiction: P.J. Worrell, Antony Purdy, Trent Lewin. Poetry: Lindsay Cavanaugh, Tamsyn Farr, Jody Baltessen.

Cover Image: Poplar Point, (2015). New and reused textiles and marking implements, 23” x 35.” Artist for issue: Jaynie Himsl

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