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Poetry: Jocelyn Anderson, Matthias H. Apse, David Barrick, Ellen Chang-Richardson, Robert Coleman, Rosa Crepax, Klara du Plessis, Benjamin C.Dugdale, Katherine Alexandra Harvey, Terrence Heath, Gerald Hill, EJ Kniefel, Y.S. Lee, Mark Laliberte & Jade Wallace (MA|DE), Tanis MacDonald, Nathan Mader, David Martin, Kim McCullough, Chrissie Minnery, Khashayar "Kess" Mohammadi, Jerome Paul, Molly Peacock, Shannon Quinn, Kit Roffey, Ashish Kumar Sing, Russel Thornton, Michael Trussler, Lucas Warren, Claudia Yang.

Prose: Mark Abley, Gary Barwin, Lee Burton, Danila Botha, CC Klamann, Danica Lorer, Kirsten Madsen, Jessica Marsh, Erin MacNair, Zachary Picker, Carson Pytell, Shannon Quinn, Jennifer Robinson, Christine Smart.

Cover Image: "Breezy Curtain"

Artist for this issue:  Claire Desjardins

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Grain is grateful to its funders: Sask Lotteries, Canada Council for the Arts, and the financial support from its private donors.
Grain is published by the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild.