What do we mean by hybrid? Work that mixes genres, bends rules, scavenges, collage, bio poetry, one-sentence stories. 


 Check out this excerpt from Genevieve Wynard’s “A Walk in October” in Grain 49.4.

Is it poetry, fiction, memoir? 


The trail continues through the vineyard and takes me down the other side. And I circle the base of this small mountain and find a path to the river and to the bridge that leads to the road that passes the cemetery. I slow my steps and count my marks to see if there’s enough left for one more night at the youth hostel and for a chocolate bar with marzipan that I will buy for myself for my birthday. It is tomorrow and I will celebrate on a boat on the Rhine. And we will pass the castles that I first saw at home in Canada on a television show called Travel, Travel.


above the buzz

of neon ...

river of stars


* * * 


Or this excerpt from Hilary Clark’s “My Muted Year” in Grain 49.3




A lost purse, a missing slipper. A whole castle to sweep and time 

running out¾all a dream, just neural popweed. The best antidote is 

the dictionary, its droll serendipities: dib dib, little honks, carry on, diddle, 

diddly-squat, diddums, didgeridoo. Shut the tome tight and list terms beginning 

with “sham”: Shame. Shamefaced, shameful, shameless. Shaman.


* * * 


Or this excerpt from Joe Davies “Notes for the Book I Wanted to Write” in Grain 48.4


-       a cup of coffee w/milk

-       check email, CBC website, Examiner website, Kijiji

-       get up, wander, as if with purpose, ostensibly to let mind settle on some thing

-       details: blue eyes, the only road in Ontario no one wants to drive on, homemade bunting fluttering slightly, wind out of southeast

-       too cold to ride my bike?  [note to self: keep eye on weather, on temperature]

-       blank page, title at top: Notes for the Book I Wanted to Write



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